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Start Your Own

Forget-Me-Not Resource Center

Are you interested in beginning your own Forget-Me-Not Resource Center? Below is a list of suggested resources to begin compiling. Check with your local library to see what they already have in their collection. 
A key part of our Forget-Me-Not Resource Centers are our reminiscence toolkits. Our reminiscence toolkits are designed to help families engage with their loved ones living with dementia. The toolkits are a multi-sensory experience focused on reminiscing meaningful hobbies and activities. A helpful guide and instruction sheet are available below to help you get started. Check out our Introduction to Reminiscence Toolkits video in our Video Library!
Dementia Friendly Library Training
As another service to libraries, we can help make your library Dementia Friendly!  We offer a 30 minute Dementia Friendly training that will train staff.  After the training, your staff will be able to recognize the signs/symptoms of dementia, will be able to communicate with the person and have a better understanding of how dementia affects the caregiver, also.  Contact us at 217-663-0010 to set up a training! 

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