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Memory Moment is our monthly article reaching Effingham, Jasper, Coles, Cumberland, Shelby, Fayette, & Clay counties through our partnerships with local newspapers. All of the monthly articles cover topics related to dementia, caregiving, and aging. Please click below for the following articles:

January 2016: Introduction to Effingham Area Alzheimer's Awareness & Memory Moment Articles

February 2016: Dementia & Alzheimer's: What's the difference?

March 2016: Forget-Me-Not Café

April 2016: Safety & Springtime

May 2016: Home Safe Home

June 2016: Summer Vacations & Dementia

July 2016: Can you hear me now? Quick tips for better dementia communication

August 2016: The ABC's of Alzheimer's: Helping your children understand the ins and outs of the disease

September 2016: Starting the conversation

October 2016: Holidays & Alzheimer's

November 2016: Basics of Alzheimer's Disease

December 2016: Let's talk money: Guidelines for tackling finances & Alzheimer's

January 2017: Keeping the winter doldrums away

February 2017: The Power of Love

March 2017: The Power of Volunteering

April 2017: Driving & Dementia

May 2017: Recap of "Medications, Management, Interactions & What You Should Know"

June 2017: Becoming Dementia-Friendly

July 2017: Sweet summertime: Tips for helping your loved one living with dementia enjoy the season!

August 2017: Something's not right. Now what?

September 2017: An unconventional method: Learning dementia caregiving from improv comedy

October 2017: Assessing nonverbal signs of pain

November 2017: What does Alzheimer's awareness mean to you?

December 2017: This is the Year

January 2018: 2017 In Review

February 2018: In-depth overview of Lewy Body Dementia

March 2018: Brain Health Awareness Month

April 2018: Breaking the stigma; reaching for support

May 2018: In-depth Overview of Vascular Dementia Part 1 

June 2018: In-depth Overview of Vascular Dementia Part 2

July 2018: In-depth Overview of Frontotemporal Dementia

August 2018: Becoming a Dementia Friendly Community

September 2018: Long Distance Caregiving.

October 2018: Preparing for Hospitalization with Dementia

November 2018: In Honor of Caregivers

December 2018: Finding Hope and Joy This Holiday Season

January 2019: Back Where It All Began

February 2019: Common Causes of Dementia-Like Symptoms

March 2019: Keeping Active Vital for those with Dementia

April 2019: Celebrate Older Americans Month

May 2019: Examining the Relationship between Sleep & Alzheimer's

June 2019: Protecting Your Loved One's Financial Security

July 2019: How Do You 'Take Care'?

August 2019: Family Caregiver Support Program

September 2019: Assessing Non-Verbal Signs of Pain

October 2019: Preparing for the Holidays

November 2019: Basics of Alzheimer's Disease

December 2019: This Is the Year

January 2020:  Highlighting Our Local Programs

March 2020:  Highlighting  Long-term Ombudsman Program

May 2020: Dementia Caregiving in the time of COVID-19

June 2020: Non-Profit promotes awareness of dementia

July 2020: Learning caregiving from improv comedy

August 2020: None

September 2020: Decoding the Stages of Dementia

October 2020:  Something's Not Right. Now What?

March 2021:  Sleep is Important to Reduce Risk of Dementia

April 2021: Exercise to Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

May 2021: Diet Plays an Important Part in Dementia Risk

June 2021: Social Isolation Increases Dementia Risk

July 2021: Strengthen Your Brain to Reduce Dementia Risk

August 2021:  Medical Conditions that Raise Risk for Dementia

September 2021: Medical Conditions that Raise Risk for Dementia 2

October 2021: Medical Conditions that Raise Risk for Dementia 3

December 2021: Visiting someone with Dementia

January 2022:  Knowing when it is time to look into Long Term Care Home

February 2022: Navigating the Maze of Long-Term Care

March 2022:  EAAA - Who we are

April 2022: Common Causes of Treatable Dementia-like Symptoms

May 2022: Making Your Home Dementia Friendly

June 2022: Effingham is now a Dementia Friendly Community!!

July 2022: Volunteering is Good for You

August 2022: Preparing for Hospitalization

September 2022: Helping the Dementia Caregiver

November 2022:  National Alzheimer's Awareness Month

January 2023:  Additional Tools to Keep Your Loved One Safe

February 2023:  Keeping the Winter Doldrums Away

March 2023:  Something's Not Right. Now What?

April 2023: Keeping a Dementia Journal Makes Caregiving Easier.

June 2023:  Online Dementia Care Videos.

September 2023:  Midland Area Agency on Aging

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